Highlights through the years

501(c)3 approval

In July of 2014, the IRS sent the Determination Letter approving our 501c3 application and mission.

Leadership Development tech

In 2015, along with giving grants to other organizations focused on leadership, we gave a grant to aid in the development of a digital platform that allows professionals in the field of psychology to easily harvest in-the-moment data and deliver in-the-moment interventions with an eye towards a providing greater growth to nonprofit leaders. The platform was used in over 40 published studies in 2021 along with being deployed helping 1000’s of people making the world a better place.

Empowering abused women

We resourced a leader empowering religiously marginalized and abused women in Pakistan. He needed and we provided a grant to buy 100 sewing machines for a women’s sewing co-op. The co-op is still flourishing.

Elevating organizational effectiveness

We provided a nonprofit thought leader in the U.S. with a grant, allowing him to hire needed administrative assistance, freeing his time to meet 50 top leaders involved in organizational effectiveness and produce podcasts and articles.

Sewing Co-ops Support families

During 2016 one of the highlights was seeing our work in Pakistan grow through an additional grant to finance a mobile sewing school that included conflict resolution education. Upon completion of the training, sewing co-ops were financed in 6 villages. Marginaiized women were empowered and able to care for their children.

Maximizing impact

We helped finance a nonprofit start-up focused on helping develop the C-suite potential of other nonprofits. This nonprofit continues to flourish and has helped hundreds of nonprofit executives.

Massive return on investment

One of our highlights in 2017 was helping develop the top leaders of one of the largest nonprofits in the United States. We saw a need and paired them with a leadership development author and facilitator and paid for an initial two-day seminar. The goal was to shift their work culture and help the 20,000 NGO leaders in their employ by influencing the thinking at the top of the organization. The NGO leadership realized that this cultural shift was a big help and paid for the consultation to continue.

$1,000,000 of medicine delivered.

Another highlight was being able to partner with GAiN. By providing shipping costs for donated medicine, we were able to see $1,000,000 of medicine reach impoverished communities.

Stopping the cycle

We also helped fund an existing, award-winning program to help Americans escape poverty through job placement and coaching and a separate program helping women and children escape abusive situations in Northwest Ohio.


In 2018, we saw a need for a shift in a large U.S. nonprofit’s culture. People were being pushed overly hard for production leading to burnout. We paid for a pilot program allowing the CEO of the organization to experience that shift. Over the coming years, it resulted in the organization paying for any leader in the organization to take a paid week off. The individuals created a plan for the week to work on gaining a healthier perspective with an eye to lowering stress and improve their relationships. Imagine shifting the culture of a $20,000,000/year organization with over 14,000 employees and overseas partners, it was really rewarding.

Rwandan and Ugandan conferences

EPN also funded a retreat for about 80 Ugandan leaders in Jinja, Uganda in October 2018. EPN was able to provide room. board and retreat leadership for a three-day retreat for these leaders. The archbishop from South Sudan and four of his leadership team attended as well. These people influence serve hundreds of thousands of impoverished individuals.

8,000,000 affected

EPN funded room, board and retreat leadership for a three-day retreat for the whole house of bishops for the Church of Uganda in July 2019. This included about 35 bishops and their wives from most of the dioceses in Uganda, as well as Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and his wife, Beatrice. The objective of the conference was to push the culture of the church and its 8,000,000 members in a more altruistic, female empowering and forgiving direction. We believe if 17% of a country begins to see women as valuable members of society and intertribal retaliation as a poor choice, it can have huge impact on the country.

EPN in Liberia

While continuing to support the abuse prevention and poverty reduction in the United States 2020 saw EPN expand into Liberia. Projects included financing a 100 acre farm to sustainably employ 200 people, provide healthier food to 5000 individuals and help with global warming. EPN also instituted a beach clean-up initiative where parents earned money to allow their kids to be in school instead of being vulnerable to child-marriage and sex-trafficking.

leadership development during covid

In the early part of the COVID19 pandemic quarantine, from July 2020 through March 2021, EPN provided seventeen 90-minute Zoom trainings for as many as 75 NGO leaders . This was a critical offering of support and community for these often isolated leaders and communities.

U.S.A. Veteran support

New projects in 2021 included providing funding for grants to children of U.S. military veterans to help with college education.

Defending familes from Radical islam

New projects in 2021 included funding the startup of an orphanage in Uganda, reroofing and preparing better defense for a Nigerian town that had been victimized by Boko Haram, and helped females in Nigeria escape sex trafficking.

Climate change

We also provided funding for the startup of a U.S. nonprofit with an aim to resourcing leaders working on climate change.

moving the Government

EPN helped fund an existing NGO spread their government galvanizing-techniques. They turn $10,000 into millions by empowering concerned citizens to hold their government accountable to solve key problems like providing clean drinking water. We provided the funding to train community leaders from 5 different countries.

Kenyan orphanage

EPN also resourced with an award-winning orphanage founder in Nairobi, Kenya to help prevent her physical collapse and stabilize her income with the aim to spread her methods throughout Kenya

accelerating the best

EPN continues to expand its grants to United States nonprofits for high-level leader development and coaching. In 2023, we plan to help organizations with a regional impact go national.