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Registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit Since 2014

Join us in a collective journey of compassion and impact as we work hand-in-hand to transform lives and nurture hope.

Who We Are

About EPN

End Poverty Now, Inc. was founded in July of 2014 when the IRS sent the determination letter approving our 501(c)3 nonprofit charity application and mission.

We collaborate with a network of trusted & proven nonprofit organizations, businesses, and community leaders to maximize impact in a fight to eliminate poverty at home & abroad, prioritizing the underlying causes and providing:

Extreme Poverty

The Problem

Poverty remains a pressing issue. Per the World Bank, 9.2% of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty, surviving on less than $1.90 per day as of 2020. That’s 700 million people struggling to meet basic, essential needs for food, shelter, & healthcare. Collective action is needed on a global scale to enact solutions and support those in need.

A Fight Worth Fighting

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower leaders to break the cycle of poverty and decrease human suffering by addressing root causes. We advocate for systemic change, providing access to resources, education, & opportunities. We strive to create a future where every human being can thrive with dignity & equality of opportunity.

A Better World

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where poverty is eradicated and every individual has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. From direct projects, collaborative partnerships, and relentless advocacy, we aim to build resilient communities where equality of economic opportunity & dignity are the cornerstones of humanity.

Guiding Principles

Core Values

Our core values guide our mission to effectively combat poverty through love, empowerment, collaboration, integrity, compassion, & accountability. These values are at the core of our decisions, actions, & relationships as we work towards our vision of a world where poverty is eradicated.

Funding Projects

What We Do

We specialize in donations of hard-to-sell assets such as real estate, aircraft, vehicles, and boats to fund projects aimed at fighting poverty at home and abroad.

How You Can Help

Join Us

Our impact relies heavily on the generosity of donors like you that provide essential resources, opportunities, & hope. Whether a one-time gift or becoming a recurring donor, every contribution matters.

Our Journey

Impact Over The Years

Tracing our journey from grassroots beginnings to global influence, see how we’ve evolved to create change at home and abroad.

501(c)3 Approval

In July of 2014, the IRS sent the Determination Letter approving our 501(c)3 application and mission.


Leadership Development Tech

Along with giving grants to other organizations focused on nonprofit leadership, we provided a grant to develop a digital platform for real-time psychological interventions, which was used in over 40 published studies in 2021. The platform has helped thousands of people, contributing to making the world a better place.

Empowering Abused Women

We supported a leader with experience empowering religiously-marginalized and abused women in Pakistan. We provided a grant to purchase 100 sewing machines for a women’s sewing co-op, which continues to thrive today.


Elevating Organizational Effectiveness

We provided a grant to a nonprofit thought leader in the U.S., enabling him to hire administrative assistance. This freed up his time to co-produce podcasts and articles with 50 top nonprofit leaders.

Co-ops Support Families

We expanded our work in Pakistan with a grant to fund a mobile sewing school with conflict resolution education. Upon training completion, sewing co-ops were established in 6 villages, empowering marginalized women to support their children.


Maximizing Impact

We helped finance a nonprofit start-up focused on developing C-suite potential for other nonprofits. This organization continues to thrive and has coached and developed hundreds of nonprofit executives.

Return on Investment

We helped to develop top leaders at one of the largest U.S. nonprofits. We paired them with a leadership development author and facilitator, funding an initial two-day seminar. This shifted their work culture, trickling down to 20,000 community leaders.


$1M of Medicine Delivered

We partnered with GAiN. By funding shipping costs for donated medicine, we were able to see $1,000,000 of medicine reach impoverished communities.

Stopping The Cycle

We helped fund an existing award-winning program to help Americans escape poverty through job placement and coaching. And a separate program helping women and children escape abuse in Northwest Ohio.



We identified a need for cultural change in a large U.S. nonprofit due to burnout from a high-stress work environment. We funded a pilot program for the CEO to experience this shift, leading to the organization allowing leaders to take a paid week off to reduce stress and improve relationships. This initiative transformed a $20 million/year organization with over 14,000 employees and overseas partners.

Rwanda & Uganda Conferences

EPN funded a retreat for about 80 Ugandan NGO leaders, covering room, board, and leadership training for three days. The archbishop from South Sudan and his team attended, influencing hundreds of thousands of impoverished individuals.


8,000,000 Affected

EPN funded room, board, and leadership training for the Church of Uganda's house of bishops, including 35 bishops, their wives, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, and his wife, Beatrice. The conference aimed to shift the church's culture toward greater altruism, female empowerment, and forgiveness among its 8 million members. This initiative has significantly impacted societal views on women's value and reduced intertribal retaliation in Uganda.

EPN in Liberia

While continuing to support abuse prevention and poverty reduction in the US, we expanded into Liberia. We financed a 100-acre farm to sustainably employ 200 people and provide healthy food to 5,000 individuals. We also launched a beach clean-up initiative, allowing parents to earn money to fund their children's education.


Leadership Development During Covid

During the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine from July 2020 to March 2021, EPN conducted seventeen 90-minute Zoom trainings, benefiting 75 NGO leaders, providing crucial support and fostering a sense of community among them.

USA Veteran Support

We began funding to a nonprofit giving grants to children of U.S. military veterans to help with college education.


Defending Familes from Radical Islam

EPN began funding an orphanage in Uganda, fortifying a Nigerian town targeted by Boko Haram, and aiding Nigerian women in escaping sex trafficking.

Climate Change

We provided funding for the startup of a U.S. nonprofit with the aim of resourcing leaders working on climate change initiatives, which disproportionately affects people in poverty.


Moving the Government

EPN began funding an existing NGO spread their government galvanizing-techniques. They turn $10,000 into millions by empowering concerned citizens to hold their government accountable to solve key problems like providing clean drinking water. We provided the funding to train community leaders from 5 different countries.

Kenyan Orphanage

EPN resourced an award-winning orphanage founder in Nairobi, Kenya to help prevent her physical collapse and stabilize her income to help her spread her methods throughout Kenya.


Accelerating the Best

EPN continues to expand its grants to United States nonprofits for high-level leadership development and coaching. We partnered with Community Lift & Giving DuPage to put on a leadership conference for nonprofits with a combined annual budget of +$50M.

Muslim & Christian Youth

In an area of Nigeria plagued by violent extremism, we initiated a program uniting Muslim and Christian youth through a weekly soccer tournament, aiming to foster mutual understanding and reduce conflict-driven violence by humanizing each other.


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