Robert's Story​

In the U.S., we worked with the CEO of a $22M+ international nonprofit with nearly 600 staff and 14,000 co-workers around the globe. The CEO was an experienced leader who had previously served as Vice President at a well-known global humanitarian organization. 


As an international leader who works with staff and partners across global time zones, Robert has a lot of demands on his time. And as any nonprofit leader can tell you, the scope and urgency of the problems faced on a daily basis can make self-care seem like a luxury.


When End Poverty Now met Robert, it was clear that he and the staff that reported to him were all burning the candle at both ends and were on the verge of exhaustion. As a result, creativity and innovation were lacking in the organization, and they were at risk of creating a toxic culture with a high turnover rate.



After discussing the needs of the organization, we agreed together that a culture shift was needed. End Poverty Now provided a grant that allowed Robert and his wife to go on a trial series of personal leadership retreats. The retreats proved so impactful that the board approved the institution of a corporate-wide program for all staff that granted them a one-week paid sabbatical. 


The result: This massive organization is going to have a healthier way of operating, less turnover, and more innovative and effective work.  For a long time such deep and wide impact seemed like a distant dream, thanks to generous donors, we were able to change the culture of a 100 year old organization.  This will multiply their impact in the fight against poverty.