Bitrus: Leadership Multiplied

In Nigeria, a country with 195 million people and expected to be the second most populous country in 2100, 40% of the population lives in poverty. While governments and aid organizations have long tried to address this systemic problem, all too often the focus has been on short-term, highly visible programs that quickly fall apart due to lack of ongoing support and local buy-in.


But the situation is not hopeless. Change is happening, and it’s occurring through the work of local individuals who understand the complex causes of poverty, have a long-term vision, and have the cultural capital to make a difference.


Bitrus Audu is one of these people. A leader within the 10 million member ECWA church, he is a sought-after public speaker and is well connected with universities, foreign relief agencies, and other thought leaders. Bitrus has a vision to improve the lives of rural Nigerians, where the impact of poverty is often felt the most. 


His work extends to caring for refugees escaping from Boko Haram, assisting with medical emergencies, founding schools, and holding leadership workshops and retreats for pastors. On top of all this, he was working on a book about leadership from a Nigerian perspective–a vital resource, as most books on the topic come from a Western perspective that isn’t as effective in Africa. When asked what would be the most effective thing he could do if he had more money, he said, “Finishing this book would have the greatest impact, but I couldnt finance the publication if it were completed.”  



End Poverty Now provided a grant that enabled Bitrus to hire assistants to take over large parts of his administrative work and his work with refugees. 

The result:  Bitrus was able to complete the book providing a more efficient way to train upcoming leaders.  Through an additional grant, End Poverty Now also paid for the printing of 5,000 copies of the book.

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